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Carpet Spotting Oakland, CA


There's a spot on my carpet that I've tried removing, but it keeps coming back. Is there any product on the market that can help me? I call these magnetic spots. No matter what you do, the spots reappear upon drying, or over time. Chances are there is some residue from the original spot that was not completely removed, or there is residue from a spot cleaner that was not throughly rinsed. Or sometimes these spots will reappear due to "wicking." This means that the spot was not throughly flushed out of the carpet's backm, and wicks back up to the carpet's surface. If a spot reappears, re-wet it with a small amount of water and place a thick, dry, white towel over it. Then place an even weight, such as a book on the towel and let it sit overnight. This will cause the spot to wick up into the towel.